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           We will never forget the day we began the creation of TravelUS66.com. We did not even have the name yet, but we had the passion for aiding in the preservation of Route 66. We understood the dreams of millions of travelers and how they longed to travel Route 66; while we reminisced about trips we had taken in the past with family and friends.

           In doing so, we knew that we must aid the attractions, iconic businesses, organizations and everyone else supporting Route 66 in whatever means possible. So, with that task at hand we created our logo. At first we realized that the nostalgic Route 66 shield would have an attraction that most people would look for when looking for anything Route 66. Therefore, US 66 and the nostalgic shield were chosen. Then we realized that the main supporting factor for Route 66 and the preservation of it; is tourism.

           Hence, we chose Travel, as our call to action in our logo to show everyone that tourism is what will save Route 66. Next, we selected the colors Red, White, and Blue, to symbolize the United States flag and the unity it brings and TravelUS66.com was born!

           With our call to action, TravelUS66, we have faith that everything we do, along with all the wonderful people who join us, through TravelUS66.com; will keep the dream of preserving Route 66 alive. By strengthening the organizations, iconic businesses, businesses, and attractions through tourism all along Route 66, the Mother Road also known as Main Street America.

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